Despite compelling argument that she should become an architect, Liz Collins graduated from The University of Colorado with a Bachelors of Fine Art and a lot of “tsssk tsssk’s” from the sidelines. Noting her artwork's odd perspective with walls and windows out of plumb the consensus was that it was just as well she didn't follow their advise. It is exactly this off-kilter look that has become the signature style of her work.

Collins  always retains a certain whimsy to her work. Evident in every medium is her familiar infusion of life and movement in all things. Breaking up the usual planes of color with maps, sheet music and poetry keeps her work dynamic, never stale or static.

Her fascination with maps and travel has added another dimension to her work. "Travelling the world I have realized how I love to watch people in their every-day activities, whether it be selling chai on the bustling street corner, or riding a bicycle through inconceivable traffic. I love to watch their limbs, their movement, the subtle ways they hold themselves, their feet, their hands. 
And more recently I am finding the  beauty in the landscapes around me, playing with color and paper."

Liz Collins' artwork is currently sold in galleries and shops throughout the country AND at art shows and festivals.  She loves the travel, the interaction and the new inspiration that comes from distant and not-so-distant places. 

  AWARDS : Liz has been honored with many awards throughout her career, most notably, 1st , 2nd  and 3rd places at the Sausalito Art Festival  and Denver's Cherry Creek Arts Festival  (the top two shows in the country). She has also served as an art juror at several festivals , including twice for the Sausalito Art Festival. But the biggest award of all is that the dream she followed continues to bring  not only great joy, but support in personal growth and constant change.

Liz Collins

Photo by Catherine Bilheimer